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I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for all the help & support you’ve given me (and continue to give me) since I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II a few months ago. I have learned so much about how a body functions and used your suggestions to change my eating habits. I wanted to share my success – to date I have lost 2 dress sizes AND I am feeling SOOOOO much better! I’m not tired when I get up; I have energy all day and I haven’t had heartburn in 3 months (whereas before it was a daily occurrence)! I’m on track to lose 10% of my body weight for my next Doctor’s appointment (for blood work) and fingers crossed for improved results.
In all the years of trying to live a healthier lifestyle since being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, you were the first one to ever suggest to me that I was gluten intolerant. I can’t tell you how much better I feel and how much more energy I have since we started working together… and as a happy coincidence, that I am now at a much healthier weight. Thank-you.
As a mom of two with a full-time job, I’ve felt stretched and exhausted for years. Thank-you for letting me know that I’m not alone in feeling this way, and that feeling better doesn’t have to be difficult. I have more energy every day, I’m losing weight, and I have a much more positive outlook.
You were right! After a few weeks of following your advice, the eczema on my legs has cleared up. I never would have believed it if I didn’t try it. I’m looking forward to wearing skirts again!

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Very useful information. Answered a lot of my questions. Thank you for teaching me so many new things!
Excellent. Very important how your focus was about loving your body.
Lisa was down to earth and most enjoyable. I’d like to listen to her again!
Thank-you for all your info. You are an awesome speaker with lots of things to teach!

About the book, Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous & Live Well

I bought Living Beauty and am learning a wealth of information from it. You are a talented and entertaining writer. As I slowly work my way through your book I think of all the others out there that this could be beyond useful. I may have to add this to my Christmas gift giving list! Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for writing your book.

What the experts say:

~ Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert
As a teacher and speaker in the Health and Wellness industry, I have seen a lot of great consultants, and some, well….not so much! Lisa Petty is by far THE classiest, most knowledgeable, and most aligned nutritionist and healthy aging expert that I have met. She walks her talk and is just as committed to her health as she is to the thousands that she serves. Because of how she shows up as a speaker, radio host and expert, she makes it very easy to recommend her as THE go-to person for helping you release excess weight, get glowing skin, reclaim your energy – whatever will help you feel great and look fabulous. If you are really ready to create your vibrant life, Lisa is who I whole-heartedly recommend.
~ The Psychic Twins: Terry and Linda Jamison
Lisa Live radio show; June 30, 2012
Lisa has an energy that elevates people. Her frequency goes out in the world on the TV and radio waves and heals people. She is a very high vibration being with a mission of healing in this life.
~ Wendy Lyn Phillips, Image expert and Author of Naked to Knockout Beauty from the Inside Out
As an image consultant, I am often challenged with those who want a quick fix to minimizing the parts of their body they don’t like. Lisa’s coaching and her book will inspire you to consider beauty as a whole…to make new healthy changes from the inside out that will not only make you LOOK better, but FEEL better, too. When you make healthy choices part of your daily routine, your skin, hair, nails, and body does look better. Having pep in your step will be the genuine walk you’ll acquire after reading or spending some time with this insightful and sharp lady! Lisa Petty is brilliant and I recommend you connect with her today.
~ Tina Dietz is the owner of Tina Dietz Business Development and the inventor of the Success Funnel System™
Lisa is an excellent health coach who delivers high value and a mix of compassion and expertise that made me sit up and listen. In one session, I had so much awareness and motivation that it launched me forward in taking better care of my well being so that I can then serve my clients and family even more. I look forward to working with Lisa again!

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