Are you ever really ready?


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Have you ever wanted to do something but you felt you weren’t quite ready yet? Maybe you want more money in the bank first, or you’re waiting until the kids are done high school, or you have some other reason that now just isn’t the right time to do the thing? If so, I know what you’re up to. I’ve done the same thing. But after a recent a-ha in my own life, it’s become clear to me that the time is never completely right for the things we want. … [Read More...]

Do You Know where You’re Going?


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I have been given a lot of gifts in this lifetime: for example, I am intelligent, I’m a great reader, I can string a few words together to communicate ideas, I am a kind and loving mother, I have a healthy and strong body – and I am grateful for every single one of these gifts. But there is one area that I am definitely lacking in both natural ability and learned competence: I am navigationally challenged. I have no better sense of north and … [Read More...]

Find your Voice


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Colin Firth won an Oscar for his portrayal of a King who, at a pivotal scene in the film, shouts, “I have a voice!” Lady Gaga caused quite a stir on the Grammy’s red carpet when she arrived in an egg to belt out her new hit Born This Way – a song about celebrating individuality and our unique contributions to the world. Singer John Mayer put it succinctly with the lyrics to his song Say (what you need to say). There is a definite theme running … [Read More...]

If you could read my mind, love…


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Ah, the ear-worm My daughter recently asked me to compose my ‘Top Ten Favourite Songs of All Time’ list. Of course, once you start thinking about music, invariably a song gets stuck in your head – an earworm, so to speak. I went around the house singing Gordon Lightfoot’s If you Could Read my Mind for days! As I was singing and noticing the words, I realized that ear worms are an awful lot like those mindless thoughts we have that can be so … [Read More...]

Lose the wait.

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We’re adorable creatures, we humans. We’re given one shot at this life-time, and so often we hold back, waiting for the perfect time to start living. We wait until we’re the right age, or the right size, or for the right partner. Or until we’ve got all the answers. We all have different reasons for waiting to live our dreams, and, for sure, some of them are legitimate. It may be irresponsible right now, for example, to pick up and leave on your … [Read More...]

Love Your Body… First

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Have you ever set a health goal and just know that when you cross the finish line you’ll absolutely love your body? So, you dangle that self-love out there for some future time and place, like a carrot (with dressing on the side). Yet, between the moment you make your decision and that time when you reach your ideal result, every choice you make marinates in misery. You feel deprived when you eat a vegetable, and resent every trip to the gym. … [Read More...]

One Step at a Time: the Power of Moving Meditation


The world of science is catching up with the ancient arts, embracing the role of relaxation therapy, mindfulness and meditation as both preventive and healing modalities. Research shows that meditation improves stress levels, memory, mood and can even boost how you feel about life. But if you’re like me, you might find it extremely difficult to sit quietly, focusing on your breathing. In very little time at all, I’m mentally preparing dinner, … [Read More...]

You don’t have to do it ‘all’ – by yourself.


We can have it all. We can do it all. Whatever ‘it’ is, as women, we’re capable of it. I don’t have any hesitations about agreeing with either statement. The thought that follows for me, however, is: do we have to? In order to be considered an empowered, 21st century women, are we required to have it all, and do it all? Because, frankly, I’m tired of doing it all. As a divorced mother of two (one adult, one teen) who currently both live with … [Read More...]