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The annual ritual has begun: the contents of closets and drawers are evaluated and discarded or reassigned; garages and basements are tidied; windows are polished and cobwebs are swept from neglected corners of ceilings and door-frames. Yes, our homes sparkle. But what about the bodies who inhabit them? Every breath you take Each time we inhale, eat or step outside, we are exposed to toxins. In fact, your body also create toxins – garbage, … [Read More...]

Cold + Flu Season


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Respiratory tract infections are the most common illnesses in the Western world, and involve diverse symptoms including nasal stuffiness or runny nose, sore throat, headaches, cough and fever. Most children get up to 9 bouts per year, while adults experience 2-5 episodes. Your best defense is a good offense. If you aren't interested in hibernating without any social contact during fall and winter, here’s what you need to know to stay as healthy … [Read More...]

Fashion Victim: Allergic to Your Apparel?


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We've all seen the magazine articles blacking out the faces of those caught mixing pink polka-dots with orange plaid, but the true fashion victims are those whose clothing and accoutrements leave them itchy, in pain and miserable. It's even possible to become sensitive to your favourite zippered hoodie over time. What's a fashion-conscious girl—or guy—to do? Fashion allergies may be more common than you think. Approximately 7 per cent of us … [Read More...]

Firing on all cylinders


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Good digestion helps create vibrant energy, clear skin, positive mood – and, of course, healthy bowel function. Here’s how to get more mileage from your food to maximize energy and vitality. System requirements Nutrients arrive in large molecules that are intricately bound together chemically and physically in foods. Digestion allows for the breakdown of these molecules into usable form through a combination of mechanical means (chewing) and … [Read More...]

Get your beauty sleep

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Nourishing yourself involves something very simple that seems to be difficult for many of us to fit into our busy schedules: sleep. Health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression – and obesity – are related to the amount and quality of your sleep. Sleep deprivation studies reveal escalated stress, higher blood pressure, impaired glucose control, reduced insulin sensitivity and increased inflammation in the body. If you miss your … [Read More...]

How to feel younger in 5 steps


I met a married couple this week, and when they learned that I’m a nutritionist, they immediately started talking about how very little we are taught about how to eat properly to age well. Yes, Married Couple I Just Met, I agree with you 100%. Most information that folks get is generic, specific to babies and children, and may or may not be what you personally need to stay fit and strong and energetic past your 20s. We are all unique individuals, … [Read More...]

Seeing into the Future: Eye Health


Lifestyle and nutrition factors are associated with the most common degenerative eye conditions. Understanding the causes can help protect your sight. Macular Degeneration Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of irreversible vision loss for people over the age of 60, but it can also affect people in their 40s and 50s. The macula is the central and most sensitive portion of the retina, a nerve-rich area at the back … [Read More...]

Watch your mouth! Dirty details about our produce

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We know that we need to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day in order to look and feel our best. But, along with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber, every bite of fresh produce also has the potential to offer you a variety of pesticides, fungicides and various chemical additives. In fact, a recent USDA study showed that 73 percent of conventionally grown produce contained at least one pesticide residue. And that figure … [Read More...]

What have You got to Lose?

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Getting fit isn't about 'weight' loss. If you are in the one third of Canadians thinking about losing weight before the warmer weather arrives, it’s time to change the way you think about your body. A focus on overall weight loss may set you up to lose muscle mass without impacting fat at all – leaving you with no muscle tone, sagging skin and a body fat ratio that still puts you at risk for a number of chronic diseases including heart disease … [Read More...]

What is the online assessment all about?


I frequently get the question: “What’s your Assessment all about?” Today, I thought I would take the opportunity to explain the process, in case you’ve always wondered but haven’t asked yet! My training and perspective is holistic, and that means a few things to me. Number one, I believe that – although we all have the same general needs for nutrients like proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals – we’ve all inherited different genes and … [Read More...]

Zest for Life: the Inside-Out Benefits of Citrus

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Perfectly packaged by nature and ripe for the picking, citrus fruits are a deliciously fragrant source of goodness—for health and home, body and spirit. C+ for nutritional content Citrus fruits are a well-known supplier of vitamin C, but these tangy fruits also provide a crate-load of nutrients, including •calcium •copper •folate •magnesium •niacin •phytochemicals The health benefits of citrus go well beyond the prevention of … [Read More...]