Will you join me for Afternoon Tea?

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It’s quite possible that, like me, you’re experiencing the roller coaster ride otherwise known as peri-menopause (which, by the way, starts at about age 35 whether you feel it or not). Anyway, peri-menopause has kind of taken me for a loop lately. On the one hand, I’m lucky: I don’t have any serious symptoms that […]

Cold + Flu Season


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Respiratory tract infections are the most common illnesses in the Western world, and involve diverse symptoms including nasal stuffiness or runny nose, sore throat, headaches, cough and fever. Most children get up to 9 bouts per year, while adults experience 2-5 episodes. Your best defense is a good offense. If you aren’t interested in hibernating […]

I can’t get no… sleep


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As you may know, this September I added a little extra to my schedule and I’m now working on my Master’s degree. I’m really enjoying the new experiences that come with being a mature graduate student, but I have a slight complication I wasn’t expecting. I. Can’t. Sleep. And I really like my sleep. Correction: […]

What Meryl Streep said.


Meryl Streep, of course, is one uber famous actor. While we might actually have quite a lively debate about her talent (my appreciation of it doesn’t always match up with the critics!), I have great respect for her as a woman. And although one can never be sure when one reads that this or that […]

Back to school!


When you live in Southern Ontario like me, back-to-school takes place the day after Labour Day. And though it’s been a long time since I actually went back to school, every year I get a little bit excited as the big day approaches. It’s almost a second New Year: a chance to start again. (Of […]

How to feel younger in 5 steps


I met a married couple this week, and when they learned that I’m a nutritionist, they immediately started talking about how very little we are taught about how to eat properly to age well. Yes, Married Couple I Just Met, I agree with you 100%. Most information that folks get is generic, specific to babies […]

Are you ever really ready?


Have you ever wanted to do something but you felt you weren’t quite ready yet? Maybe you want more money in the bank first, or you’re waiting until the kids are done high school, or you have some other reason that now just isn’t the right time to do the thing? If so, I know […]

Three reasons you haven’t reached your health goals

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I love serendipity! As I was sitting to write this week’s love note to you, a study landed in my inbox showing that 68% of respondents to a survey done in January of this year indicated that they would be focusing on their health and well-being in 2014. If you were asked the same question […]