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It wasn’t skyrocketing blood pressure or the warning from his doctor to lose seventy pounds before his heart gave out that pushed David out of the fast-food line and onto the treadmill. Instead, it was a little white envelope that held an invitation to his high school reunion. Then there was Sandra, a committed smoker despite losing her father to lung cancer. She finally quit when she noticed extra lines around her eyes and mouth from the … [Read More...]

Alternative Beauty: Looking good Long-term

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We were all born natural beauties, but most of us now use a few body care products to keep up appearances. Yet many of the products we use on our skin, hair and fingertips can lead to ugly health consequences down the road. But with a few simple changes, we can have our looks and our health too! Coming clean While we may be seduced by the foam, mile-high lather is a good indication your shampoo or soap contains sodium laurel sulfate, a … [Read More...]

Clean up in aisle…you

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The annual ritual has begun: the contents of closets and drawers are evaluated and discarded or reassigned; garages and basements are tidied; windows are polished and cobwebs are swept from neglected corners of ceilings and door-frames. Yes, our homes sparkle. But what about the bodies who inhabit them? Every breath you take Each time we inhale, eat or step outside, we are exposed to toxins. In fact, your body also create toxins – garbage, … [Read More...]

Collagen Care: Uplifting tips for Healthy Skin

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There’s more to your skin than meets the eye. Just beneath the surface lies the dermis, which provides structure and strength to your skin via a strong, fibrous protein called collagen. As we age, collagen production slows, particularly for women after menopause. The result is visible in the mirror as tiny lines and wrinkles and the distinct impression that your once-taut face is melting like a candle in the hot sun. Boost your body’s ability to … [Read More...]

Feed your Skin: Supplements for a Healthy Glow

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It would be great if creating healthy, glowing skin really were as easy as slapping on the newest cream to hit the market. But, to paraphrase the adage, nothing worth having comes that quickly. Instead, radiant skin results from building healthy cells through proper diet and lifestyle choices – and a little help from a few skin care supplements. Multi-vitamin Unless you live on the top of a mountain, far from fast foods and boxed dinners, … [Read More...]

Get your beauty sleep

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Nourishing yourself involves something very simple that seems to be difficult for many of us to fit into our busy schedules: sleep. Health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression – and obesity – are related to the amount and quality of your sleep. Sleep deprivation studies reveal escalated stress, higher blood pressure, impaired glucose control, reduced insulin sensitivity and increased inflammation in the body. If you miss your … [Read More...]

Hair today… hair tomorrow: Keys for Women to hold onto their Locks

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While losing your hair won’t kill you, it can be mortifying for a woman. And while our grooming choices sometimes impact our crowning glory, often the cause of thinning hair involves looking past the mirror – into the health of some important body systems. The hormone effect Whether we’re talking about insulin, thyroid, estrogen, or testosterone, hormones play a significant role in your health, and the health of your hair. In fact, one of … [Read More...]

Mineral Make-Over

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Gone are the days when “natural mineral make-up” meant women looked like they had mud on their cheeks. New colour formulations help women create their own signature look, safe in the knowledge that they’re reducing their exposure to questionable chemicals. Natural mineral make-ups are formulated without chemical dyes, fragrance, mineral oil, parabens and preservatives—all of which can be irritants at minimum and toxic in the worst-case … [Read More...]

Play with Your Hair: a guide to Healthy Colour


Whether it’s to cover up gray, to try on a new personality or decide once and for all if blondes really do have more fun, many of us choose to colour our hair. While changing hair colour provides a temporary fix, the chemicals we use to act out our chameleon side can cause long-term effects ranging from burning and rash to various forms of cancer. Happily, there are many non-toxic strategies to keep you looking fabulous now and feeling great down … [Read More...]

Practise Safe Sun


Spring flowers are starting to blossom, and many of us are spending more time outdoors. And while lounging by the pool may still be a distant fantasy, it’s certainly not too soon to start getting our skin ready for the upcoming onslaught of UV rays. Our one-sided love affair with the Sun Let’s talk about what the sun can do. First of all, let’s not forget we need sunlight everyday to help synthesize precious vitamin D. But there is a … [Read More...]

Scratch Natural Solutions for Eczema? No Need to be Rash


If you suffer from the itch and sting of eczema, you might think natural solutions don’t have what it takes to bring relief. The trick is to avoid being superficial. Water shortage Often triggered by an allergy, eczema (atopic dermatitis) involves excess moisture loss, leading to dehydrated skin that is easily damaged, and hard edges around lesions that can get caught and tear into healthy skin. Keep skin hydrated with a few lifestyle … [Read More...]

Skin and Pregnancy: It’s a Stretch


Over half of women experience stretch marks along with their burgeoning pregnancy belly, and marks can also appear on buttocks, breasts and arms along with the abdomen. Naturally thin and fair-skinned women are more inclined to evidence of stretching, yet so are women with a body mass index greater than 26. Surprisingly, very young mothers are at highest risk of severe stretch marks, while mothers in their 30’s are less at risk. The overall … [Read More...]

Skin care lesson


Judging by the ads we see on television, you might think you need a Master’s degree in chemistry to choose quality skin care products. While earning the degree is a fabulous accomplishment, proper skin care isn’t that complicated. Cleaning While you can start your day with a quick warm water rinse, you should always be sure to remove all makeup, dirt, sunscreen, and pollution from your skin every night. Soaps and cleansers help remove grime … [Read More...]

Stuck on Lipstick?


While it may be true that we’re never fully dressed without a smile, many women feel naked without a swab of colour or a dab of gloss on their lips. Since a woman who wears lipstick daily could swallow four pounds of it in her lifetime, it’s important to consider what goes into these colour sticks. Our love affair with lip colour can be traced to the ancient Egyptians, who used henna to paint their lips. Cleopatra wore lipstick made with a … [Read More...]

The Nail File: Health tips from Your Nails


Whether you like them long or short, polished or au naturel, our nails are a beautiful extension of our fingertips. And because of their never-ending growth cycle, nails provide an accurate record of our health – and can signal internal problems before any other symptoms appear. Brittle nails, for example, might indicate that your diet is deficient in vitamin A, while dry nails suggest a lack of B vitamins. But your nails hold clues to more … [Read More...]