Back to school!

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notebookWhen you live in Southern Ontario like me, back-to-school takes place the day after Labour Day. And though it’s been a long time since I actually went back to school, every year I get a little bit excited as the big day approaches. It’s almost a second New Year: a chance to start again. (Of course, you likely know that I think every day, every hour and every minute we have a chance to start again, but hopefully you understand what I mean!)

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How will you ride the renewal wave of energy this September? Will you sign up for a dance class? Start writing your novel? Join a gym? Whatever you decide, take advantage of this perfect opportunity.

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For my part, along with continuing to serve clients and do my other stuff, this back-to-school season has me actually going back to school. Starting this week, I am an official Master of Arts candidate in Applied Health Sciences at Brock University. On one hand, I’m excited beyond belief. (Are you kidding me? I’m such a nerd.) On the other hand, I’m probably 25 years older than most of my fellow students, and it’s been a long time since I went to university. It’s kinda scary.

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So I was really grateful when I got a few minutes alone with my Dad to talk about my new adventure a few weeks ago. Now, you have to understand that my 74 year old father had what most would call a pretty traditional life: he built a business, raised a family and retired about 10 years ago. I wasn’t sure he was fully on board with my plans, or whether he truly understands them as he never set foot in a university. (What is a Masters degree, anyway?) But I will be forever grateful for what he said to me that day, and will always remember the message behind it. My dad looked at his nearly-50-year-old-daughter and said: “Go for it. You’re still young.”

Boom, there it is.

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If you think you’re too old to try something new, remember there’s always someone older out there, thinking you’re still a baby.
As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,

I wish you vibrant health and a beautiful day!

PS Dad, I love you!




  1. deb says

    HA! Such a great inspirational read! I also have decided to go back to school! I am 56 years old, retired from teaching 34 years, had one year “off” and am back to school. I am attending iPEC to learn how to be a coach. Instead of using simply my experience I will be officially connected to a coaching group and will have more credentials! HA! What fun for me! Keep learning- that’s all I can say! Keeps you young inside and there is so much to learn in life! Thanks for your inspiring story. I am 100% behind you! YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Lisa PettyLisa Petty says

    Thanks so much for your enthusiastic endorsement, Deb! I am so looking forward to this new chapter of my life. It sounds as if you are pretty keen on your next phase, too. Research shows that one way to keep your wits about you as you age is to keep learning. Let’s do this thing. :)

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