How to feel younger in 5 steps


I met a married couple this week, and when they learned that I’m a nutritionist, they immediately started talking about how very little we are taught about how to eat properly to age well. Yes, Married Couple I Just Met, I agree with you 100%. Most information that folks get is generic, specific to babies […]

Firing on all cylinders


Good digestion helps create vibrant energy, clear skin, positive mood – and, of course, healthy bowel function. Here’s how to get more mileage from your food to maximize energy and vitality. System requirements Nutrients arrive in large molecules that are intricately bound together chemically and physically in foods. Digestion allows for the breakdown of these […]

Are you ever really ready?


Have you ever wanted to do something but you felt you weren’t quite ready yet? Maybe you want more money in the bank first, or you’re waiting until the kids are done high school, or you have some other reason that now just isn’t the right time to do the thing? If so, I know […]

Three reasons you haven’t reached your health goals

belly button

I love serendipity! As I was sitting to write this week’s love note to you, a study landed in my inbox showing that 68% of respondents to a survey done in January of this year indicated that they would be focusing on their health and well-being in 2014. If you were asked the same question […]

The first step is awareness.


When it comes to health, most women I’ve met want to be fit. Most women want to be energetic; we want to feel sexy; we want peaceful, happy (read: non-hormonal!) relationships with our significant other, as well as our children, family and friends, and – especially as peri-menopause and menopause enter the picture, we want […]

Do you value your health?


If I ask you the question ‘What’s your health worth?’ I’m guessing you have some kind of pat answer ready. Like: ‘A lot.’ But if I were to push you on it, to get you to really explore the question, what would you come up with? Here’s my Coach’s request for you: Get a sheet […]

It’s all about perspective.


After my post last week in which I let it all hang out – the truth about my messy life, replete with frustrations, stagnation, uncertainty and feeling inauthentic at times because of the image I thought I had to present to the world versus my reality, I got some feedback. On Facebook, on my blog, […]

This was a hard week for me.


Have you heard the expression: there has to be a break-down before a break-through? Well, this week I definitely started the process… the break-down part, anyway. Ei-yi-yi. So, it’s never good when you answer the phone and your ear drums are immediately punched with a loud, accusatory and relentless stream of noise. Caught off guard […]

Will you believe me?

Housewife Fed Up Of Ironing

A few years ago, when I was writing my book Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous & Live Well, I came across some research on what inspires the sexes to make changes in their health and lifestyle habits. According to the article I read (which, of course, I can no longer find!), men are inspired […]

Jennifer Aniston and I have something in common.


This past week, while taking a momentary vacation from work and surfing the net, a headline caught my eye that proved to me, once again, that I really would enjoy having a cup of tea with Jennifer Aniston. (She and I hang out a lot in my dreams. I’m not obsessed with her and I’m […]