Lisa helps women recharge their energy batteries, get slim and strong, and regain confidence so they can create exactly what they want for the second half of their lives. As a member of the ‘second half’ club herself, Lisa has insights that can help you get exactly what you need to feel great, look fabulous and live really, really well.

A little note from me to you:

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Todd final sitting LISA (2) finishedOn the surface, my life may be very much like yours. I have two beautiful, amazing, exhausting, intelligent, clueless, loving, generous, and selfish children, who at times need my guidance, but very often prove to be my most valuable teachers. From them, I have learned patience, tolerance, creativity, and negotiating skills, and I’ve savored the joy of unconditional love.

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For most of my children’s lives, we’ve lived in a single-parent household, which means I’ve been on double-duty and “doing it all” was my only option. Of course, whether you’re a single parent or not, women nowadays have to become master jugglers, changing hats on a dime – everybody wanting a piece of you until, at the end of the day, there doesn’t seem to be much left. Are you with me so far? I thought so.

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I’ve had some minor health challenges to overcome, including irritable bowels, migraine headaches, a history of horrific eczema and I’m now navigating a peaceful passage through peri-menopause. I’ve been stuck in jobs I couldn’t stand for wont of a pay-cheque, and I know now that that many of my physical symptoms directly related to the circumstances of my life. (Quite literally: I had a job in finance that gave me headaches.) Do you know what I mean?

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In my thirties, I started to fear that my life was in a rut, and that I would leave this life-time having left many of gifts unused – which gave me a constant knot in my stomach. Finally, after years of excuses and ignoring opportunities that would have allowed me to take a chance on things I wanted to try, I was put in a situation in which I had no choice—or perhaps I was finally free to make a choice. Drowning in debt, I decided late one night that I had to sell my house in order to retain my sanity. The next day, I lost my job. A week later, my marriage ended. I finally had nothing to lose. While at the time it wasn’t easy, I now look at that week of losses as one of the best weeks of my life. Let me explain:

I’m a firm believer that women have the power to change the world in incredible ways, and women in the second half are in the perfect position to make it happen – if they feel energized and empowered. ~ Lisa Petty

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I took time to nurture my body back to health, and as my body began to heal, I also noticed I was thinking more clearly. I began to connect the dots between how we feel physically, and how we view the world. I realized that when we ignore our bodies and the clues it gives us – so that we are in pain or exhausted or carrying too much weight or simply unhappy – we can’t possibly get around to living with purpose and passion. Or as I call it now, living vibrantly. We don’t take care of ourselves, and become overwhelmed, over-weight, frustrated and perhaps even numb. Maybe you feel this way right now.

Fast forward a few years… and here I am.

I put my English degree and my formal training in natural nutrition and to good use, and wrote a book called Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous & Live Well (Fitzhenry&Whiteside 2006). The book comes from the perspective that our beauty concerns aren’t superficial after all, and may be our body’s way of telling us about a potentially serious health condition that deserves attention. In other words, don’t slap a cream on that rash: figure out what’s causing it so you can correct the problem. That makes sense, right? The philosophy that our bodies talk to us all the time through symptoms feeds most of my coaching programs, by the way, and paved the way for me to get interviewed on TV and radio throughout North America, as well as glossy health magazines like Body + Soul, Men’s Health, Women’s World Weekly and many others. You may also have seen my by-line on magazine, internet and newspaper articles, too, because I do plenty of writing.

I hosted a weekly health talk show on traditional radio for nearly five years, which allowed me to share the airwaves with some really cool people, like Dr. John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Hyla Cass, Mariel Hemingway, Caroline Sutherland, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, among many others experts in the health of the body, mind and spirit. I learned a lot, and was grateful to be able to share such valuable information with the listening audience.

vista coverMy own personal style of integrative coaching combines my expertise in natural nutrition and proactive health care with intuition and the spiritual connection of Reiki. That may sound really out there to you, but trust me, I’m all about being practical and grounded! I also know that you are probably exhausted. How can you write the next great novel or climb Mt. Everest if you can’t even get off the couch? I get it. And I can help you with that. I can also help you uncover some of the mental stumbling blocks getting in the way of your success in creating your healthy, vibrant life.

If you are truly ready to learn what you personally require so you can get slim, energized – and feel gorgeous, sexy and vibrant (yes, even if you’re menopausal!) – I’d be thrilled to be a guide.

Until then,

I wish you vibrant health and a beautiful day!


PS I’ll be writing more books, some of them fiction, possibly a screenplay. I see Diane Lane playing the lead.

PSS If you’d still like to get to know me a little better, buzz around the site, and check out my videos.

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Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.~ B.K.S. Iyengar

The official bio:

Lisa Petty is a celebrity nutritionist and health expert for TV, radio and print, with a personal mission to helps others achieve vibrant health. She is an award-nominated journalist and author who has shared her unique perspective with thousands of people through her workshops, lectures, coaching, TV and radio appearances and throughout her extensive writing. She has written over 200 articles for major health publications, and is author of Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous & Live Well, a modern guide to feeling younger at any age. Lisa has helped thousands of women to learn what they personally require to achieve vibrant health – and would be honoured to help you, too!